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A Harp? Like Harp, Harp? Angel Harp?

"Hi RJ, This is Michael from the International Harp Museum. Would you be able to fix the electronics in a harp?"

"What?!! A Harp?! Like Harp, Harp?!" Seriously, I said this.

Well, Harp, Harp, is exactly what he meant.

When Michael arrived I was floored to see him roll in this giant concert harp. As he took the protective case off of this instrument, I was just amazed by the woodwork and beauty of this instrument. As guitarist we see a lot of pretty timber and workmanship, but at this scale, never. Flamed natural maple for miles. Amazing hand carved accents.

Turns out the Harp needed a few pickups replaced and we did it. A Harp. Yes, a Harp, Harp. It was an interesting and crowded job in the cavity of the harp and I burnt the shit out of myself with the soldering iron when I asked so what does one of these things run? "$27.000." Note to self: Do not ask that question when you are soldering in something similar to the space of a cowboy boot.

What a great experience and I thank Michael and International Harp Museum for allowing us to work on such a beautiful instrument.

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