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Taylor 810ce Needed Love

As a Luthier, you can get pretty excited about different instruments being dropped off. However, when Reid called to tell me he wanted drop off his Taylor 810 I got really really excited. Why? Not because I was going to spend a ton of time fixing her, but because I knew I would get to play her for an hour after I fixed her. Not one of those, sit in Guitar Center with 9 other people in a cedar shoe box and play, but in the silence of my workshop play her. My lord, what a brilliant instrument.

This Taylor needed some love though. Years of playing out got the best of her. While the frets has some fairly serious wear, we were able to salvage without having to do a re-fret. A good level, crown and dress and she is as good as new. We also repaired the expression system and buffed the hell out of every surface of this guitar. Dare I say it, but she looks new, brand new . . . but better - she has the character of a well loved and played instrument.

Thanks Reid.

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