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Headstock Snobs

This is not so much about a repair, but more of a little rant. I love guitars, all guitars. I can find the redeeming quality in cheap guitars just as easily as the expensive ones. Seriously, what is on the headstock doesn't necessarily make the guitar great or a piece of shit. If you like the way it plays - then it is great. In a band? If so, no one in the crowd cares what brand of guitar you are playing, they just care if you sound good or not. Unless of course you have a headstock snob in the crowd.

So here is what started this blog. . . a customer dropped off an Epiphone Hummingbird for a set up - I think it is a 2006. He and I were talking and he was saying he wished he could afford the "Real" Hummingbird, but at least the Epiphone looks as nice. I set the Epiphone up and played it for awhile. To me, this guitar is a serious player. Sounds and plays great. So last night I had some friends over ( all guitar players) and I did a blindfolded test on them and myself. I got my 2008 Gibby Hummingbird and put the exact same strings on her as the Epiphone. I played both and guess which one my blindfolded guitar playing friends said sounded better. YEP! The Epiphone. I also did not tell them or show them the guitar I was going to play before we started. The had no idea it was a Gibson vs. Epi, nor the models. Both said the Epi sounded more balanced and articulate. Just goes to show the headstock doesn't always matter. You can get some great guitars at modest prices that play and sound great.

On a side note, one of the best strats I have ever played was a mid nineties Squire Pro-Tone. Insane how great that guitar was.

People ask me all of the time, "I want a nice acoustic, but don't have much money, what do you recommend?" Yamaha. Why? Yamaha guitars are fantastic. Seagull makes a great guitar. Epiphone makes great guitars. Next time your shopping, do't be afraid to try the lower priced stuff. Who knows you might buy 4 guitars instead of one.

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