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Snark . . . Snark . . . Snark

I'm gonna come right out and say . . . I love Snark Tuners. Absolutely love them. If you leave one in your case I am going to steal it. Ask Patrick. He brought me a Taylor 312 to repair and he got back a great playing instrument, but I stole his Snark. Snark . . . Snark . . . Snark. Alright, I didn't really steal it, I took everything out of his case to vacuum it and forgot to put the Snark back in. Honestly, quite embarrassing, but hey I'm human. He gets his Snark via the USPS, but also a few extras as well. All is well in the end.

Now for the Taylor. Take years upon years upon years of playing without ever having the frets dressed and you have what you see in the fret picture. If you start to see little dents in your frets get them addressed. We were pretty lucky on the 312 and were able to level them down.

Taylor owners take note: Taylor uses a very soft fret wire. Some people scream, "why would such an expensive guitar use inferior wire?!" Well, soft doesn't necessarily mean inferior. The soft frets are one of things that make a Taylor play like, well a Taylor. They have that soft gliding feeling. Keep your neck adjusted properly and address frets sooner than later and they will last much much longer.

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