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LRC Guitars Proudly Joins the Dunlop Family

Any of you that have met me know I have a passion for guitars, all types, but what you may not know is I have a passion for everything that has to do with guitars too. About a year ago, someone gave me a set of Dunlop Phosphor Bronze strings to try out. I had been using Gibson Masterbuilt Phosphor Bronze strings for years and swore I would never find anything better. I was wrong. They are smooth and mellow, yet add vibrant overtones to any acoustic guitar. I also have to say the break-in time is very quick, yet the longevity of the strings is longer than any uncoated string I have used. Most PB strings go dead within a week if being played. I am getting at least three weeks out of the Dunlop strings. Most people would find them to last much longer. I just like fresh strings often, very often.

(Sidebar: Okay Elixir people, if you like them, great. I do not suggest they are bad, but I just do not like them. I do not get the bass or the isolation of notes I want out of them. In addition, they are actually D'Addario strings sent to Gore to have the coating put on. If you demand Elixirs, I would suggest, the Polywebs sound way better than the Nano and hold up better. However, I personally like new uncoated strings and prefer them to coated strings - plus I am not a D'Addario string fan.)

I aslo started using the Nickel wound electric strings, both lights and mediums and some weird set that was installed on the Jason Hook Explorer I bought (best Gibson Explorer ever made BTW). I have been a GHS Boomers fan and Dean Markley Blue Steel fan for a long time. I would use Boomers on 25.5 scale length guitars and Blue Steels on 24.75 sc

ale length guitars. I liked the Dunlop acoustic strings so much I figured I would try the electrics - and I am glad I did. They are fantastic. It is almost like you take the best attributes of every string made and melt them into one set of strings - the Dunlop Strings.

At any rate, I started thinking about this the other day and figured I would contact Dunlop to see if they would have me. I proud to say the welcomed me to their family, and while your guitars had been getting Dunlop strings for the past year anyways, now you will be formerly getting Dunlop Strings (and other cool Dunlop stuff) from new authorized proud endorser of Dunlop; LRC Guitars.

BTW, this is way too long to proof, so I hope it makes sense and does not have too many typos.

PS. Thanks to Ben from Dunlop for making everything so easy and taking the time to work with me.

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