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Taylor 814 Yeah they really are that nice

Thank you to Officer Dom from the Altamonte Springs PD for allowing me to hold on to his immaculate Taylor 814 for a few days. Such a beautiful work of art. With that said, Officer Dom is a stinking player. To make him feel a little more comfortable I handed him a few of my custom shop custom made Gibson guitars and the guy can play. As a luthier it is interesting, but most people will not play in front of me. Not sure why, I am not the greatest player by any means. I play mostly flamenco now, but not at the Ottmar Liebert level. Officer Dom plays . . . I mean really plays.

Nonetheless, another beautiful Taylor that I feel horrible charging for. Why? Because I get to play it for an hour after setting it back up. I get to make sure she is singing as she should. Seriously, a one on one with a guitar like this is like having a date with Megan Fox. Alright, not even close to that good, but you get my point.

This guitar like so many other acoustics in Florida just needed a few adjustments and a good cleaning of the fretboard and frets. Action was lowered a little by shaving the saddle. I also bleached the saddle to give it that new appearance again. It had been through a fews years of playing and had the wear to show it. Looks new now.

Officer Dom, I hope you enjoy the finished guitar as much as I have. If not bring her back anytime, It may take me two or three months next time to finish. . .

On a side note, this Taylor just like every other has very soft frets and is starting to show some pitting. Note to all Taylor owners: Keep your neck adjusted properly and have pitted frets addressed sooner than later.

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