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Alright Chibson Fans . . .

We have to lay some rules out for the Chibson people. I am not here to judge you for buying one and I have seen some really good ones and I have seen some really bad ones. I have no problem working on them for you as to me, they are just another guitar but here are the rules.

1. Please know, I will know

immediately that it is a copy. Please do not try to pass it off as a US Gibson.

2. I can make these guitars play just as good as a Gibson, but it will cost money to do it. Every one I have seen needs a fret level, they all need new tuners, bridge and tailpiece. Most of the pots and wiring is garbage. Some of the pickups are pretty nice. Almost all of them are epiphone, and I have seen some high-end epiphone pickups (sheraton, joe pass) in them. If you want it to sound like a Gibby, get ready to buy pickups too. I tell people all of the time that they would have been better off buying a Les Paul Tribute, a used Studio or Classic, because they would spend just as much on a real Gibson as they will making a Chibson worth it.

3. I do no need to hear your excuses for buying one. My favorite though is, "I bought this so I would not have to put wear and tear on my real Gibson." Huh, so you would rather play a pile of dog shit than your authentic Gibson . . . sorry, doesn't really add up, but who am I to say.

4. Chibson's require a 50% non-refundable deposit at drop off. Sorry, I have spent too much time these guitars over the past two years and have become the proud owner of 8 of them due to people deciding it is not worth paying for them. They suck trying to sell and quite frankly I do not want them. (Speaking of which anyone want to buy a Les Paul Supreme Copy)?

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