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Taylor 516ce, Neck Resets, and Pavement

This post is a little bit about a Taylor 516 and some pavement. It's also a little bit about Taylor NT necks and the over zealous neck resetters.

Let's start with the over zealous. I had and interesting conversation with Rob, owner of R & R guitars and authorized Taylor dealer today. We were talking about, imagine this, guitars. Specifically Taylor guitars and the way people are often recommending a neck reset immediately for high action, low action, bad strings, hangovers, and even because it rained yesterday. No seriously, obviously some of that is made up, but there is a bunch of buzz about a reset, instead of minor adjustments. Personally, I think these people are bonkers and are doing it for 2 reasons:

1. It's easy to do a Taylor neck reset. It's 3 bolts and 2 shims. The idea of a neck reset is historically expensive (think dovetail, steam, more steam, jigs, and more steam) and time consuming. Customers know this. I think people are just charging for a neck reset that could be fixed with a simply truss adjustment.

2. A neck reset is a part of the Lifetime Warranty Taylor offers. I think if shops aren't banking with the customer, they are getting paid from Taylor. Heck, possibly twice. Billing the customer and Taylor.

Here is the deal. I do not care how easy Taylor made it to reset the neck, if they thought a neck reset would solve every problem immediately they wouldn't have put truss rod in their necks Too much or no relief can easily be resolved with a simple truss adjustment why on earth would anyone do a neck reset for a neck that looks like a cereal bowl.

Here is the other thing. We live in Florida. Florida is brutal on our acoustic instruments. We have our AC pumping in our houses, drying out the air and the guitars. Then we go play somewhere else or outside with them and they are reunited with the humidity of a rain forrest. Simple adjustments a few times a year and you will never worry about a neck reset.

Alright, lets talk about Briand and his beautiful 516. I am sucker for Taylor sunbursts. Love them. Briand decided to Pete Townshend his Taylor after an amazing gig. The show was in front of 1000's of people chanting his name . . . . okay no. Unfortunately, a few case latches were not shut on the way out of church and the guitar decided to go its own way in the church parking lot putting a pretty nasty crack in the top. In addition, like so many Taylor's the frets were pitted from years of playing.

I did a pleat repair on the crack to keep it from expanding. This involves spruce pleats on the inside of guitar inserted cross grain for strength. I installed pleats on both ends of the crack. I did not refinish the top, but did add some super high viscous glue to seal the crack.

I also completed a complete fret level and dress. Guitar is playing beautifully. Kind of hoping Briand can't make it back for a few weeks. Thanks again Briand.

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