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They Don't Make 'Em Like This Anymore

I have the pleasure of getting to repair and play some really great instruments from time to time. Stan's Hagstrom Swede is one of them. An original '71 Swede! They just simply do not make them like this anymore. I was telling Stan that over the past few years three guitars have really stood out to me as being amazing. 1. Mike's 1964 ES-335 (please will it to me) 2. Omar's Tokai Love Rock Les Paul Gold Top (please sell it to me) 3. Stan's Hagstrom, (I already know he will never get rid of it).

The Hagstrom came in with 47 years of play oozing out of it and . . . to be fair . . stuck to it. One of the things I really appreciate seeing is people actually using their guitars. Playing the heck out of them. After all, isn't that why we own them? Well Stan has definitely played the heck out of this one.

We got to level and dress the frets -possibly the last time before new ones. Cleaned up the electronics and cleaned off 47 years to give her another 47.

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