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You can not Kill the Metal

Please play the following while reading this (PLAY THIS) . . . it's mandatory. Do not proceed until the music is playing. Seriously, The Metal will know. Do no disappoint The Metal.

Now that we have set the mood, let's talk about The Metal. Bill's US Assembled 1988 Fender Heavy Metal Strat. These guitars are straight up glorious to play and have found themselves one heck of a niche among players and collectors alike. The guitar was made by Fender to compete against the enormous success of Jackson, Ibanez, Kramer and others during this time. There are multiple versions of these guitars that were made between '88 and '92. Some were Japan Made/Assembled and some were Japanese Components, but US Assembled (like Bill's).

An interesting fact about these guitars is that Fender made them with an aircraft grade urethane and ridiculous amounts of clear coat to make these a true stage ready guitar. Most were made with a Basswood body to help with the weight added by the finish! Bill's is made with Alder, which is why it weighs more than a VW Bug.

Bill's is loaded with Dimarzio Super 3 pickups, a Kahler Spyder (best trem Kahler ever made), Gotoh tuners and an oddball 25"" scale. Bill's is the rarer alder wood body with 24 medium jumbo frets and a lightening fast 17'' radius.

So Bill brought this thing to me along with some Charvel guitars. Truth be told, anyone that walks in with a Hair Metal arsenal has to be a cool guy - and we have been drinking beer (not Bill . . . rum rum rum) and riding motorcycles since.

The sad thing . . . this damn guitar didn't even need anything. Not a set up, nothing. I was hoping to make up some reason why I needed to hold onto the guitar for a year while waiting for parts, blah blah blah . . .but NO! Not so lucky.

If you find one of these priced under $1000. Buy it. If you find a Kramer Nightswan with Lightening graphics, buy it for me. Thanks.

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