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I may not be the sharpest out there, but dag gummit summin' ain't right here.

Ovation 1869 Part 1

Story has it this guitar was thrown at a nurse by a nursing home resident (no one was injured, just the guitar). Now if you can't find the humor in that stop visiting my site. This is going to be one heck of repair as the pieces do not fit back together well at all. Plus, I can tell you one thing about headstock repairs something is always just off with the first 3-4 frets after repair. I think it is typically a stress caused during the break that causes the issue. If one of you can research that and get a consensus on what causes it or why I will give you a coupon for a free drum repair (Drum repairs coming soon . . . . Spring 2038). None the less, the router is coming out and we will be installing splines.

Stay tuned for more on this one.

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