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Want the Perfect Guitar for Florida?

RAINSONG! Wait, did I mention, Rainsong. Seriously a complete Carbon Fiber Guitar that literally does not swell, shift, bitch, moan, etc etc. Oh . . . . and OH . . . They play and sound fantastic. Plus . . . plus, you can clean and polish them with car detailer!

Brock brought his in last week. I new as soon as I saw that big all Armor Truck of a case what it was. I got pretty excited. Unfortunately for me, Brock has a timeline as to when he actually needed it back or I might have stretched this repair out for a few years.

I forgot to take pics before I started, but the frets on this thing were essentially the Grand Canyon. I love seeing this, because I know the guitar has been played like crazy for years . . as every guitar should. Case queens are overrated.

At any rate we did a complete fret job on this one. Then put her back together and played her for 3 hours. Then put new strings on again and played her for three hours again. Seriously just tuning this guitar up makes you want to play it for hours and hours.

Nice Clark! Real nice.

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