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Most Overlooked Acoustic Guitar in History

Not gonna waste your time. Gibson Gospel. Bam! There it is.

I have been commissioned to build a guitar recently for a fellow J-45 fan like myself. His name is Mike. I am building him a custom 12 fret OM. A very interesting build. Nonetheless, I took in a few acoustics from Mike and one happened to be a 1978 Gibson Gospel. I absolutely love them. You can always pick them up for a decent price and they just sing. The one I got from Mike was about the best playing one I have ever seen, Although the guitar had definitely had a neck reset a reset at some point, I was happy I had to do nothing to this guitar. It was that good.

A few months later a guy named Randy comes in the shop with his friend Mike and 76 Gibson Gospel. Mike is one hell of a player and if you have purchased a used guitar, pedal or amp in the Orlando area over the past 15 years, you most likely have run into Randy. He sells great stuff and you never have to worry about it being "right" when dealing with him.

This Gospel needed some TLC. A bunch of binding repairs, a top crack repair, a fret dress, and some other restoration details. It was an absolute pleasure to do the work because I just knew this guitar was gonna be special. After stringing it up, I played it for a few hours before I called Randy to tell him it was ready. I really just couldn't wait to see his reaction. He opened the case and immediately said, "Wow! So where is my guitar?" That made me proud as I know how many instruments Randy deals with. The best part though was the smile that hit his face when he strummed the first chord. I wish I had a picture.

This my friends is why I do this. No other reason.

(Pictures to come. I am on a plane and the wifi sucks)

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