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Tom Sullivan of Rich Kelly & Frienship & Rickenbacker 4100

Coming soon . . . hopefully. Really . . . I hope I can write about this soon. I hope I can tell you it is finished. Seriously, please let this be finished. Please be nice Mr. Rick. Please stop being fussy and stubborn. We need to you to play along and let us fix you.

Seriously . . . most stubborn instrument ever worked on.


The Bass in Action

What a treat when this bass was picked up by Tom. He shared with me the history of this instrument. I have heard and seen some really cool things since I started LRC Guitars and this takes the cake. Turns out Tom's old band is Rich Kelly & Friendship. Jeff Tweedy of Wilco in is book actually tells readers in the preface of his book to stop reading and go watch the video. You should too. Tom if you are reading this I have to get a picture with you and the bass when you bring it back by.

In this blog, I will talk to you guys about the original dual truss system of the Rickenbacker. The never worked . . . well sort of. You have to bend the neck where you want it to be and then tighten both truss nuts to hopefully keep the neck relief proper. Then you also have the chance of the fretboard popping off . . . you know all great things.

Unfortunately the bridge pickup died somewhere along the way of this historical gem. We replaced that with a vintage spec single coil. A lot of removing old solder and cold connections to get this baby growling again - but she's ready for Atlantic City again.

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