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COVID-19, Tough Times, and a lot of Frustration

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

I am gonna come right out and say it . . . this is gonna be a rant. If you know me and have listened to me in the shop you will get it. So here it is . . . If you feel your guitar, your demands, or wants are more important than my family . . . find another luthier. I do not need or want your business. I love guitars, I really do, but I love my family more and if you can not accept that - go elsewhere.

Here is the deal. We are all struggling to cope with the disruptions to our daily personal and business lives caused by Covid-19. We are in an unprecedented time and quite frankly it is scary. Most of us are doing our best to juggle our responsibilities with our personal and business lives and it is tough, really tough. I have three kids, all being homeschooled, just like all of your children right now. The needs at home are never-ending.

With that said, here is the rest of the deal. The shop is closed, not by me, but by the government. I can be fined, way more than most of the repairs I do, if I am caught violating essential business restrictions. Believe it or not, guitar repair is not essential business. Because the shop is closed; communication, repair completion dates, estimates on repairs, etc will be delayed. Lets break this down:

Communication: Let me say this again. The shop is closed. The number you call or text is the shop number. It is not my personal phone number. I am checking the messages and responding to all of you when I am able. I am getting back to everyone, typically within 2-3 business days. Please have patience.

Repairs: Repairs are taking longer for multiple reasons. 1. Delivery of parts are delayed. 2. The shop is closed. 3. My responsibilities at my home are threefold at this time.

Estimates: Man, it is really hard to do estimates based on images in emails and text messages. Quite frankly, it is impossible and I am not even going to do it any longer. If you can not set up an appointment and bring the guitar to me when all of this Covid-19 dust begins to settle, then go elsewhere. Most of my prices for standard repairs are on this site under services. Check 'em out to get an idea of what the repair will cost.

I want to thank the many customers over the past 4-6 weeks who have been incredibly patient, kind, and understanding. This post is not about a single person or customer, but about the overall vibe I am receiving during this time. Perhaps it is because so many people are sitting at home with nothing better to do. Who knows, I can just say I have had enough.

My family and their wellbeing comes first. Thanks for the understanding.

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