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About Us


Ken Andrews, Master Technician

This is Ken.  In February 2018 we asked extraordinary guitar player and tech Ken Andrews to join LRC. Ken has over 30 years of experience as well, but is much more well known than RJ.   Ken is the lead guitarist of Obituary as well as the guitar tech for Matt Heafy of Trivium.  He has worked in the past with Matchbox 20, Rob Zombie, Andrew WK. Sister Hazel and more.

Ken mostly works on our shredder and alternate tuning guitars.   Floyds, 7 Strings, and 8 Strings are his thing.

Ken is a motorcycle enthusiast and is endorsed by ESP Guitars.   Yeah, he's one of those people that are good enough to get free guitars.  


Ken Blount LRC Guitars
Who the Heck are We?

RJ Colton, Master Luthier

RJ is the founder of LRC Guitars.   He loves guitars , all guitars, regardless of brand or condition.  As a matter of fact his own collection is often referred to as the Land of Misfit Toys.   If it sparkles like a bass boat - he is hypnotized by it.   RJ has been building and repairing instruments for over 30 years.  As a  builder, RJ specializes in  acoustic and jazz box builds. 


RJ is from Virginia where he began learning the luthier trade in his early teenage years working under M. Boykins.  By college he was creating heirloom quality instruments.  While he never stopped building and repairing after college and his years in the corporate world, he finally returned to what he loved full time in 2014 establishing LRC Guitars. RJ still continues his passion for improving his technique and skills and considers LRC Member Ken Blount a mentor as opposed to a colleague.

RJ has been featured in Vintage Guitar, Classical Guitar, and Acoustic Guitar Magazines.    RJ works with many national recording artists, studio musicians and touring guitarists. 

That is RJ with Mike McCready's guitars of Pearl Jam.   


Ken Andrews LRC Guitars

Ken Blount, Master Luthier


Ken has been building and repairing guitars for over 40 years and has probably forgotten more than RJ, Stacy & Ken (the other one) have ever learned.   Ken is an authorized Martin and Ovation Service Provider.   His custom guitars are highly sought after and have been sold around the world. 

Ken works with LRC offsite in his Seabring workshop.


Ken has been the featured subject of articles in Frets, Vintage Guitar, Bluegrass Unlimited, Southern Bluegrass and more.   

LRC Guitars is happy to have such a highly respected luthier onboard.  

Stacy Adams, Luthier

It was never easy for Stacy.   He was born a poor white child.   His love of music came as natural as the smoggy morning dew.  His earliest memories are of sitting on the front porch with his family, singing and dancing in the foothills of the San Fernando Valley, down in ol' South Californey.  He worked his way up from the bottom of many kitchens until one day he had an epiphany, "WTF am I doing?!" And just like that, Stacy headed to the Arizona desert where he traded his knives and toque for chisels and sawdust.  Jump down, turn around . . . .

Stacy graduated from Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery.   Stacy worked at Lyrical Lumber for many years and is Taylor Guitars Silver Certified.   

RJ asked Stacy to join LRC Guitars after working with Stacy on many repair projects.   RJ will tell anyone Stacy has the best fretwork he has ever seen.   He is a human Plek.  

Stacy Adams LRC Guitars
LRC Guitars Taylor Certified
Dan Berry LRC Guitars

Dan Berry,  Finish & Paint

All of the LRC & Colton Guitars paint & finish work is sprayed by Dan.  Dan has over 40 years of experience painting custom cars & motorcycles and that is why we chose him.  If people have you painting their 50K custom motorcycle - you know what you are doing.   He is master of all finishes and his work is second to none.  

Dan is the best custom painter we have ever seen.  He's also a damn cool person.   Dan is a Mopar enthusiast and always has some badass trucks on his property.  


This is Owen.  Owen is the shop mascot as well as RJ's right hand man.  Chances are you will be greeted by him before anyone else when stopping by.   RJ is normally asleep and Ken is off doing what rock stars do.   

There are two banned words in the shop:  Duck & Frisbee. Please do not say either within an earshot of the black dog.  Don't worry about him running out the door.   He won't go anywhere without RJ.   

Owen LRC Guitars
Lucky LRC Guitars


This is Lucky (with RJ).  Beginning in the Spring of 2038 we are going to be repairing drums as well.  Lucky is that guy.  


While Lucky's biggest influences are 80's & 90's Metal, his favorite music is Yanni and Hanson.  (Don't ever ask him about Mmmm Bop - 1 hour lecture on the perfect song will hit you square in the face.).   


You might not see Lucky much, but the drum kit and beer cans are his.   We also blame all strange smells on him.   

What You Can Expect From Us

No Attitudes.  Easy to work with and we love your instruments as much as you do.  For over 30 years we have been setting up guitars to our customer's desires, not the way we want them to be.  Afterall, you are the player of your instrument, not us.  

We value quality over time.  Our prices are reasonable and our services are stellar.  We don't play games and will evaluate your instrument for free.  If it simply is not worth fixing, we will let you know, not waste your time and money trying.  Some guitars are just better broken.

Before accepting a repair, we take time to thoroughly evaluate every instrument so that we can provide each customer with a proper understanding of the nature of the repair.  There is no charge for our evaluation, so feel free to bring your ailing instruments by our shop during normal business hours.
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