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Man I get to play a lot of guitars as I work on them.  Truth be told, I just have not been impressed with a lot of the pickups installed in the gutiars by the factory.   They often sound shrill, muddy, and unbalanced.   I just couldn't take it any longer so I made my own.    Started with the best parts money can buy, profanity. and a lot of determination.   After about 40 different trys, I nailed it.   Best strat pickups I have ever heard.   I will gladly put these up against any Fender Custom Shop Set.  


  • Alnico V Magnets
  • 52mm
  • Fiber Board Bobbins
  • Formvar Wire
  • Beveled Poles
  • Resistance:   Neck 6.2K Ohms  Middle 6.5K  Ohms Bridge  7.1K 
  • 2 Conductor Braided Cloth Wire

LRC Guitars 60's Alnico V Custom Strat Set

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