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Just gonna come out an say it.   This stuff is amazing.   Conditions and protects fingerboards better than anything else I have used.   Made with ultra purified lemon oil and good 'ole Florida beeswax and that is it.  Use sparingly and wipe off excess after 10 to 15 seconds.   That's it.  Nothing else you need to do.   Fretboard bliss.   Plus I really like the way it smells.   I am sure you have all seen it.  You walk into the shop and I have my nose stuck to one of these bottles.  Yep, I do it.  You will too.  Yeah it's a little expensive, but I chose the best ingredients money can buy and quality isn't cheap.   Neither is your guitar, take care of it.  


  • Safe on all woods.  
  • Smells like a damn lemon mated with florida honey - that's heaven right there.  
  • 2 Oz. 
  • LRC Original #2 Formula



LRC Guitars Fingerboard Oil

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